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When an entrepreneur with an eye for Art meets artists, creation is inevitable.

Redouane Guebli is an entrepreneur and founder of A&R New York.

As a business strategist with a creative flare, he strives to empower the Artists, whose vision lies somewhere between pragmatism and feelings. 


Based in the heart of New York City, A&R NY develop a sustainable pieces from inception to creation and work with local artisans to support local economy.


"Fashion is art, so why can’t art become fashion? ''A&R New York is a fusion of the gorgeous gallery pieces we admire with the luxury handbags that we crave. Partnering with local artists, A&R transforms hand-painted, one-of-a-kind canvases into high-end purses that are wearable day and night. Every bag is just as unique as the one who wears it. 

A&R’s Exotic Skin collection is combatting fashion waste by reusing scraps that would otherwise be discarded. There are countless handbag designers on the market, so A&R isn’t here to add to the noise. We’re here to fill the void and find new ways to inspire, connect, and create. We are devoted to sourcing sustainable fabrics and working with local artisans whenever possible to create a better future for fashion today and tomorrow.

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